Author Topic: ALPS working trackpad in Snow Leopard  (Read 49660 times)

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Re: ALPS working trackpad in Snow Leopard
« Reply #60 on: November 30, 2010, 07:09:38 PM »
Hi Slashack,

My name is Leon Bollerup, i'm the founder of the D4x0 group (www.osxlatitude.com) - a small group that work dedicated to bring OSX to Dell Latitude D series.

Anyway, we have been testing your voodooPS2Controller.kext, and found that the latest version dosent work with out latitudes, however, the first one did (the one that spits out alot of debug info)

We were wondering if you would be so kind, to take that version, and remove the debug output so we can include it in our EDP - please it would mean alot to us.

I would be extremly happy if you could contact me on lsb@osxlatitude.com so you can see what we have so faar.

Best regards,
 Leon Bollerup

I have attached the version we are working with right now..