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synaptics touchpad is recognized as alps


Hi i got a macbook air clone netbook e-stary hy-118 with a synaptics touchpad, which is recognized as an alps, the result is that the correct drivers are not loaded and the I can't use it.
So far I have found that in the id sequence it returns 0x02 instead of the expected 0x47 and that results in the touchpad not to be recognized as a synaptics.
I tried to remove the voodooPS2Touchpad kext , and leave only the mouse kext that resulted in erratic motion in the cursor , jumping around , clicking left and right at the same time and finally cursor ending at the left bottom corner of the screen.
At the same time the console register a message ApplePS2mouse :unexpected data received from PS2 controller.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
PS: touchpad works fine under win 7 , xp, and ubuntu using the Synaptics drivers.

by googling i found that in the source of ApplePS2Mouse.kext.
void ApplePS2Mouse::interruptOccurred(UInt8 data)      // PS2InterruptAction
  // This will be invoked automatically from our device when asynchronous mouse
  // needs to be delivered.  Process the mouse data.   Do NOT send any BLOCKING
  // commands to our device in this context.
  // We ignore all bytes until we see the start of a packet, otherwise the mouse
  // packets may get out of sequence and things will get very confusing.
  if (_packetByteCount == 0 && ((data == kSC_Acknowledge) || !(data & 0x08)))
    IOLog("%s: Unexpected data from PS/2 controller.\n", getName());
  }    "

Any ideas?

Where can I find the voodooPS2Controller source code?I will try to find out why it's loading the alps driver instead of the synaptics one.

 I want through synaptics touchpad pdf and I found out that my touchpad because it's not recognized as synaptics (because it returns 0x02 instead of 0x47) the driver is not loaded and instead it uses appleps2mouse.kext.
It seems that the touchpad uses the mouse driver somehow in Absolute mode instead of Relative mode because i can see a difference depending on the pressure that been applied on the touchpad while on relative mode the z axis should not make any difference.That would explain also the erratic behavior and the  console message that I am getting "ApplePS2Mouse : unexpected data received from PS2Controller" , since the stream of data in Absolute mode is 6 bytes which is different than what the mouse driver expects in relative mode.
Now the question is how can I correct this?
Any help will be greatly appreciated .

I have exactly the same problem, but only when It wakes from sleep.
I mean, it is using voodooPS2mouse.kext instead, because the driver is not loaded properly, due to the synaptic trackpad is recognized as ALPS. The behaviour is pretty good (having into account that is working with voodooPS2mouse instead voodooPS2trackpad), but when it wakes from sleep, there is an erratic movement from trackpad and I have the following in the kernel.log:
- ApplePS2mouse: unexpected data received from PS2 controller.
- ApplePS2controller: timed out on mouse input stream.

Someone could take a look on it.
By the way my trackpad is a Synaptic (ID: SYN0166, ID COMPATIBLES: SYN0100, SYN0002, PNP0F13).
The computer is a 8540w.



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