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Okay, you have three choices, obviously you should make one for each category. I hope I didn't forget anything -- it's a little late around here.

Again, if I forgot anything obvious, tell me. :)

I was limited to 3 selections. but wanted to point that documentation for example could be done in two ways: doxygen (for dev) + wiki for centralizing infos and giving more access for infos to users. Wiki can become a growing osx86 head-quarter (as others seemed to fail giving cleaner approach to most needed infos).

Strategic discussion, can olso be done on irc, but time sync is a major handicap.
Bug tracking, as of my understanding could be on trac and/or forum.


--- Quote from: valv on January 29, 2011, 04:52:34 PM ---can olso be done on irc, but time sync is a major handicap.
--- End quote ---
Damn right, things are still hectic and all of us are scattered across the globe. I stopped giving estimates but I will do my best to catch up with all/most of you.

r007, welcome aboard, very useful threads btw

Voted... no comments for now ;)


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