Author Topic: Stuck at grey apple screen after new extras/com.apple.Boot.plist.  (Read 1827 times)

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Hi Dudes,
I have got a half working dualboot WinXT + OSx based on Iatkos 10.5.7 with Chameleon 2.rc3
That install hasn't got any extras/com.apple.Boot.plist.

I wanted to customize the preferred partition and entered a new extras/com.apple.Boot.plist.

The preferred partition worked like a charm, but I were stuck at grey apple screen.

Apparently the sole presence of an extras/com.apple.Boot.plist (even the default one from the Chameleon website) leads to the gery apple screen.

Any clue?
Thanks in advance


Gringo Vermelho

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Re: Stuck at grey apple screen after new extras/com.apple.Boot.plist.
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You should upgrade to Chameleon 2.0 RC5.

Folder must be named extra, not extras.

com.apple.Boot.plist can become corrupt, causing boot failure.

Post the contents of your com.apple.Boot.plist, in code tags.
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