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No wake up when on battery


fc bayern:
I have installed voodoobattery 1.3.3 in Extra, because i get KP when installed in S/L/E, from Extra work fine 95% of the time, expect sometimes i get KP when after waking from sleep(no matter on AC or battery).The battery icon is there, but the system profiler info is very very bad.
When on AC the Acer 5742g is working flawlessly in terms of sleeping and waking, no problem at all.
But when i put it on battery, the laptop instead of waking up , it shuts downs.
I think that this problem is related to Mac osx not correctly seing battery info, althought i have calibrated my battery several times.
I have native power managmet, with SSD tables in Extra  and generate P&C States in boot.plist.
Is there anyway to get the sleep&wake function working flawlessly when on battery - I'm a heavy user of the sleep function and this is so important to me.
Is there anyway to get corrct battery info in System profiler???
Attached You'll find the system profiler info and my DSDT.aml.
Is there anything more You need to know, Im here - because I need YOUR HELP!


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