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ATI/AMD GraphicsEnabler support (legacy, modules & missing devices)!

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No luck - just black screen (tried, x32 and x64 modes, -x, -f) :/ After reinstall, now, with RadeonHD.kext everything is working (even QE!!!) :)

Theoretically it should work; dev id is present on both ATIRadeonX1000 and ATI1600Controller; framebuffer is Wormy which is specific to laptops (lvds and dvi connectors)... unless lvds is not the first connector, i don't know why you get black screen :P

As i mentioned on RadeonHD topic, it worked for me with Megalodon fb ( < 10.6.8 ) and works now with Caretta, with respective patches to ATIRadeonX1000 and ATI1300Controller.
Thanks for testing, anyway.

Maybe it's because of EDID? Because radeonhd also don't work without manual seting. Is it possibke to integrate EDID in this module?

hi azimuth this my info and working frambuffer:ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650:

  Name:   ATY,Shrike
  Type:   Display Controller
  Driver Installed:   Yes
  MSI:   Yes
  Bus:   PCI
  Slot:   Slot-1
  Vendor ID:   0x1002
  Device ID:   0x9480
  Subsystem Vendor ID:   0x103c
  Subsystem ID:   0x3628
  Revision ID:   0x0000
  Link Width:   x16
  Link Speed:   2.5 GT/
but the one problem come with 10.6.8 an lion when i booting with graphic enabler after laptop goes to sleep then wakeup my display goes scrambled .i am currenty using ATI_Init.kext and don't have this problem with this kext.
this is my ioreg with ATY_Init.kext that work:
thanks for your work


--- Quote from: darles on July 10, 2011, 08:20:01 PM ---Maybe it's because of EDID? Because radeonhd also don't work without manual seting. Is it possibke to integrate EDID in this module?

--- End quote ---
Sorry for the delay, Darles. I don't think it's a matter of edid but... i don't see any edid info on Mac's dumps (yes there is!),
but i did read around that if the display doesn't send edid info, kaput :P It's possible to inject edid info, but were to?!
Can you send me or post your ioreg?
Wormy is a weird framebuffer... i got this nice dump from a MacBookPro1,1 which even contains a dump of
the cards ROM; analyzing it with radeon_bios_decode i get:

--- Code: ---PCI ID: 1002:71c5
Connector at index 0 type: DVI-I
Connector at index 1 type: LVDS
Connector at index 2 type: Composite
Connector at index 3 type: DVI-I
Connector at index 4 type: VGA
Connector at index 7 type: DVI-I
--- End code ---
notice that the first port is dvi-i; however, on the framebuffer the first is lvds??
And on the ioreg everything matches, 2 connectors, lvds and dvi-i :P weird stuff.
One thing i'm sure, if you didn't got a kp there's still hope; Wormy always gave me kp and instant reboot.


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