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Drive Change, Memory allocation error
« on: June 28, 2011, 11:06:58 PM »
Hi, I have been using Chameleon RC4 and a few versions of RC5 with great results on a dual boot Windows 7,OS X 10.6.8 set up with both operating systems on the C Drive.

Recently, I needed more space so I moved OS X to it's own drive but now I keep getting Memory allocation errors with any  of the same versions of RC5 that I was using before. Dr.Hooks RC5 pre 8 works as does the very stable RC4

Any help would be great. Thanks.


Seems the problem is a Western Digital 1TB USB passport drive. If I unplug the drive during boot up any version of  Chameleon boots up fine. Plug it back in reboot and get flashing cursor then Memory allocation error every time.
Only this drive in any slot causes this error, other USB and firewire drives cause no issues.

RC4 or RC5 PRE 8 cause no issues with the drive plugged in at boot up.
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