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Chameleon BuildBot goes live

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Meklort has now enabled the BuildBot to host automatically compiled binaries of the latest Chameleon trunk.

Here's an example of what the package contains:

Hi BlackOSX

What's the difference between the Xcode3 and Xcode4 builds and why would a user choose one over the other?

BTW congrats on the new rig we'll miss ya in the Gbyte world :).

As far as a user is concerned, there isn't much of a diff other than the compiler used. Xcode3 tends to make smaller binaries (it uses gcc) Xcode4 makes larger ones (it uses llvm).

The two diff builds are more for developers / testers so that they can verify that both xcode3 and xcode4 builds work properly.

Thank you kind sir and thank you for all of the time and effort that you put in to this whole process.

Any particular reason the builds link is no longer working?
I noticed Meklort's own webspace is down, as well.

I apologize if there is any misunderstanding. I've been out of touch for the last year or so.

best of wishes,


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