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Chameleon BuildBot goes live

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Hi digital_dreamer

Yes, you're right - the buildbot is down.
All I can suggest is you try at a later date.

But as a reminder to anyone else wondering the same, the Chameleon source code can always be downloaded and compiled locally by yourselves.

From OS X, open terminal, cd to a directory you want to download to and enter the following:

--- Code: ---svn co -r HEAD http://forge.voodooprojects.org/svn/chameleon/trunk
--- End code ---

Then as long as the Apple Developer tools have been installed, cd to the downloaded source folder and enter:

--- Code: ---make
--- End code ---
The compiled binaries will be in /sym/i386/

Some other commands available are:
make distclean
make config
make pkg

EDIT: There's also a script posted here which downloaded, compiled and put everything in a folder. Though I haven't looked at it for a while to see if it's still current.

Ah, thanks, Blackosx!
No real problem regarding the buildbot. I started thinking that perhaps it was moved to another undisclosed location, or worst, it was being discontinued. :P

My "HackInstaller" script will work with the svn repository and automatically compile the source. But, not everyone has the developer tools installed, so the script can also check the buildbot server for updates and download, if one wishes. That's the only reason I was concerned.

best of wishes to you and everyone on the team working selflessly on these projects,


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