Author Topic: Intel Integrated HD Audio - all seems okay but still only getting 2 channels  (Read 2653 times)

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Here's how it looks...

I have tinkered around with the settings in the prefpane, the Audio Midi Setup and switched between the various output choices in Sound..... no matter what I try it only gives me 2 channels.

On the plus side... finally at least it seems I have Digital HDMI stereo at least without hiss and crackle....

I tested a 5:1 ac3 soundtrack... and even changed the plugs around for the remaining ports on the back of the woofer... Nothing doing!

In xbmc I elected HDMI passthrough, sound to all speakers etc.... didn't make a jot of difference. seems the ports are closes despite appearing to be open,,,

Hate to have finally got this far and still feel I failed... please can someone help with the extra mile so I can finally get this one resolved and come back all guns blazing!

Thanks in advance!

As you can see below.... channels seem to be there alright but you cannot click them....and when you try configure speakers and click the speakers..nothing! pink and green jacks only,,,

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