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FN-F8 Crashes my Computer and other Problems


Hi together

I have some unsolved issues with VoodooPS2 that I'd like to get rid off.

I'm using an HP Pavilion dv6666ez Laptop with OSX Lion. I'm not 100% sure what Version of VoodooPS2 I'm using it says BundleVersion 1.1.0 in Info.plist

FN-F8 (the key to increase brightness on my Laptop) crashes my Computer. FN-F7 The key to reduce brightness does nothing at all.

I saw that on many Laptops this key combinations is used to switch the active display from your Laptop Screen to your External Screen. I think maybe that is what OSX is trying to do instead of adjusting brightness. Can I check someway what OSX is doing? If this is the Issue can I reconfigure the key somehow?

I also have an Issue with my trackpad. My keyboard won't work anymore if I to the following:

-Switch to a Fullscreen application with Ctrl-KeyRight.
-Do some typing. Switch on my trackpad.
-Move Back To normal View.
-Work with the Trackpad. 

Thanks for any help


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