Author Topic: Chameleon prevents Vista-installation  (Read 2620 times)

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Chameleon prevents Vista-installation
« on: April 20, 2009, 06:47:37 PM »
Good evening,
after two days of playing around, trying everyting i could think off, i finally managed to track it down to ChameleonRC1.

First my story: I wanted my Laptop intsalled with OpenSUSE, Vista and Leopard. Due my own stupidity i rendered my working Vista-installation useless and since i wanted to make a fresh Leopard Install and Linux wasn't installed, i formated my Drive, GPT, and installed OSX, Chameleon, Linux... but Vista-installation quit with the message, that it couldn't find a partition to install itself on (saw them in installationmenu, could format them, but couldn't install on them (("Es wurde kein Systemvolume gefunden, das den Installationskriterien entspricht" it is in German)).

Well, as i said, after trying around i found out that it worked at everytime, except after i installed Chameleon RC1 to the drive.

Hope this helps someone to figure out what the problem might be :)


Edit: Seems to be related to this post: http://forum.voodooprojects.org/index.php/topic,44.0.html
if Vista is installed before Chameleon, this is exactly what happens^^
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