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Can Any One Of You clever Guys(and Girls) Help!


Hello Everyone,  :)

I have successfully been running Mac osx on my laptop for a couple of years now.

It is a fairly old Fujitsu Siemens amilo - but for all its age , i can get audio working, full acceleration with gmx3100 ( inc. dual monitor) and all has been well through to 10.6.8.

HOwever, although 10.7 loads fine, again with all things working, I get one Really Annoying problem.
My Synaptics trackpad on my laptop is now 'twitchy' and sometimes jumps for no reason.It is very frustrating and makes the lion experience pretty useless.

On all previous Snow builds i am using voodoo ps2 with prefane and have never had any problems. The trackpad has always been silky smooth. But with the same voodoops2 kext the trackpad is now almost unusable. i have even tried other reversions of voodoo ps2 to no avail.

Is there anybody out there who has experienced this glitch- or else am i going to have to go back to good old snow leopard for acceptable 'trackpad'ing??

Many many thanks for any replies and advice ;D



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