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I'm trying to install SL 10.6.3 on my Samsung NC10, however I get a kernel panic right after the loading screen (before installing). Someone mentioned that I should type pmVersion=0, howefer in the Bootloader i can't even see a prompt or anything like that. I can type commands, however except for the letters the keys are all terribly messed up. (the "("-key is on 9, the "-" key is on 0 and so on). I've tried for about an hour to find the "=" key to type in the command but i cant find it... what can I do?

Gringo Vermelho:
Plug in a USB keyboard. There is currently no way for Chameleon to support non-standard keyboards.

PMVersion is for sleepenabler.kext, nothing to do with Chameleon.

Thank you for the fast reply!
I tried using my USB Keyboard but that didn't work :/ (the keyboard works, but the keys are all over the place as well)

Gringo Vermelho:
It seems strange that the USB keyboard behaves in the same way. Unless it uses the exact same layout as your laptop keyboard.

Where are you from, what country? Are you using an AZERTY keyboard or some other non-QWERTY keyboard?

Chameleon can be compiled with support for German, French, Spanish, Italian and Swedish keyboards via the module system...but I don't know how that works, I've never used it.

Not sure what the default Chameleon keyboard layout is, probably US.

Hi, use version of chameleon >r1721 that have a Keylayout module and some keymaps for different country.


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