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Hey guys. I'm kind of a newbie, so please bear with me here. I have the ATi Radeon HD 4550 Graphics Card, and have basically gotten it to work in Lion, but no Steam/Source games, like Portal 2, will launch. I read on the InsanelyMac forum, that it had to do with GraphicsEnabler. So I download the latest trunk, and looked at the ATI.c. There are 3 traces of my card. First, there are two under the first "list":

--- Code: ---{ 0x954F, 0x29201682, CHIP_FAMILY_RV710, "ATI Radeon HD 4550", kNull },
{ 0x954F, 0x29211682, CHIP_FAMILY_RV710, "ATI Radeon HD 4550", kNull },
--- End code ---

But these do not have my Device ID, 9540. The third occurrence is under the default model list:

--- Code: ---{ 0x9540, 0x00000000, CHIP_FAMILY_RV710, "ATI Radeon HD 4550", kNull },
--- End code ---

This has my Device ID, but does not have the subsys_id. How do I find my correct Device ID and subsys_id, so I can put in in the "non general" cards list? Do I use lspci? Thanks!

run lspci in the terminal.

File an issue on to get it added



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