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I'm trying to understand what drives the display of the icon representing an OSX partition in the FIRST Chameleon BOOT Screen. I'm also trying to understand how to control the order in which partition icons are displayed in the Chameleon BOOT Screen.

I'm posting this in this forum because I believe that Chameleon is controlling what appears in its FIRST boot screen and its MENU boot screen. I am guessing that Multibeast is "carrying" Chameleon.

Even if you don't know the whole answer, any help, insight, sharing of your your understanding will be a great help to me.

I want to be able to control the display of these "icons". [I use the term "partition's icon" when I mean the OSX or Windows or Linux representational icons and the labels associated with the partitions].

I want to understand the effect of the "Default Partition" and the "Hide Partition" statements in com.apple.boot.plist/org.apple.boot.plist. I haven't been able to use these in the obvious way [any way successfully].

I want to do these things to manage the interfaces of my multiple partition environment.

I'll explain a bit about my environment and what exactly I want to change.

I have three OSX partitions on 2 large HDDs that I use. They are:
(1) 10.6.7 "production"
(2) 10.6.8 "upgrade test"
(3) 10.7.2 "Lion test".

I have several non-OS partitions[ and backups and time machines] on these HDDs and on other HDDs connected to the same PC.

I built partition # (1) using iBoot, Apple's retail 10.6.3 DVD and Multibeast. I upgraded it using Apple combo OSX upgrades. The first day, after reaching OS X 10.6.5, the OSX icon & partition LABEL for the #(1) partition [10.6.5] was displayed on the Chameleon's FIRST boot screen. Moreover this icon was displayed leftmost on Chameleon's boot MENU screen. Other partitions[formatted but not populated as OSX systems] also appeared on the Chameleon boot menu screen. I do understand that Chameleon selects the representational icon based on the formatting of the partition. Unless of course I am WRONG.

As I upgraded this #(1) partition further, the same icon continued to be displayed on Chameleon's FIRST boot screen and as the leftmost icon on the Chameleon boot menu screen.
As, over time, I added #(2) partition 10.6.8 and #(3) partition 10.7.2, the icon for the #(1)10.6.7 partition & its LABEL continued to be displayed on Chameleon's FIRST boot screen. That icon also continued to be displayed leftmost in Chameleon's MENU Boot screen. This was OK with me.

The way I created the #(2) and #(3) partitions might have been the reason the Chameleon first boot screen never changed. I cloned the #(1) 10.6.7 partition  to # 2 and #3 partitions. I then upgraded #2 and #3. I used Apple combo upgrade OSX downloads and Multibeast for each of these additional partitions' upgrades. These additions/changes were done over time. I think it is worth me repeating: the Chameleon FIRST boot screen continued to display 10.6.7 icon & LABEL.  Re-running Multibeast did not visibly change the Chameleon FIRST boot screen.

I do not understand why the Chameleon's FIRST boot screen hasn't changed, nor why the #(1) partition remains in the leftmost position in Chameleon's BOOT menu after all the changes. I would have guessed that when Multibeast, incorporating Chameleon, was executed; the icon representing the 10.6.8 or Lion partitions [actually only the LABELS would change] might be displayed on Chameleon FIRST boot screen.

I have attempted to change the icon on #(1) Chameleon boot screen from 10.6.7's icon to one for LION by using <key>Default Partition</key> statement in com.apple.boot.plist [or org.apple.boot.plist]. It didn't work for me. Moreover, I tried to hide the display of some non-OSX partitions on the Chameleon boot MENU screen by including a "Hide Partition" statement in com.apple.boot.plist. That also did not work for me.

I want to be able to control which partition's icon & LABEL are displayed on the Chameleon FIRST boot screen and to manage which partition icons are shown on the Chameleon boot MENU, and their order. How do I do these things?

I think knowing how Chameleon/Multibeast control the icon's displays; will help me manage use of Chameleon as my environment evolves.

Even if you don't know the whole answer, any help, insight, sharing of your your understanding will be a great help to me.
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Hi vienna01

You have correctly deduced that Chameleon is the code responsible for drawing your GUI to allow you to select your partitions, and boot your installations of OS X.

iBoot and Multibeast are just tools which automate setting up a system to run OS X rather than doing it by hand. When you look past all the advertising and donation buttons for it, you'll realise there's nothing special about the tools and the end result is the installer just installs Chameleon for you, the same as any other Chameleon installer does, albeit with a collection of optional files, bells and whistles.

There are many posts in this forum to answer your requests and a quick search will reveal them, but to give you an overview you can use the hide, rename and default partition boot options to achieve exactly what you want. Here's some posts to get you going.

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