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Realtek ALC269 on Acer 5820TG


Good time of day!

Excuse me for my english (I use google translate :-[)

I have a problem of the type: I have a notebook Acer Aspire TimeLine 5820TG and integrated sound card realtek alc269.
After installing voodoohda kext (v2.7.2)  in the list of devices displayed:

2 outputs:
> Speaker (ATAPI)
> SPDIF-out (Black left)

2 inputs:
> Microphone (ATAPI)
> Microphone (Pink Left).

I had to write IOPCIPrimaryMatch because by default only shows kext HDMI connector videocard.

I tried to change the settings in prefpanel, edit NodesToPatch, place the device in different groups and set priorities, disable 11 node, but no sound (headphones, speakers, microphones do not work).

Larger values ​​iMix and iGain lead only to the presence of noise from the speakers.

Upload dumps and ask the question: what to do? :)

you need to patch voodoohda with your device id. give me your device and vendor id and I'll try to make you one

Could you do that for me?
I also have an ALC269. But my Acer is a 5745G

When i used the File --> Check compatibilty, i got this:

Hello NikkSw,
I have an Acer Aspire Timeline but i have the version 5820tgz, i have the same problem but... how have you know what realtek do you have?, in system info, it appears as 8086:3b56. Am i in same chipset like you? In that case, have you found any solution?


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