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I've got Lion installed on a software RAID setup (used to be a working SL setup) as well as an installation of Lion on a spare drive (which I can boot into.) I'm using the 1649 trunk of Chameleon as my boot loader. When I try to boot into my raid partition I get the error:  "failed to locate SMC device." My research has shown that this is typically caused by not having FakeSMC.kext, but I have it in S/L/E, as well as E/E on both boot helper partitions (though with Lion and RAID you don't seem to need an E/E folder, right?) Anyway - anyone have a diagnosis or any advice? Thanks much appreciated.

you can't use E/E with Lion on a raid partition. Put all your extensions in /S/L/E of the partition (not bootheleper partition).

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Thanks for the reply. I know that the kexts go in S/L/E and not E/E, and I said that in my entry, but the only reason I had the kexts in both was to see if the redundancy might help my situation. I eventually gave up and went to a single boot drive as RAID had always caused way more trouble than the benefit it offered.


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