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Subsystem ID for Nvidia Cards
« on: January 31, 2012, 01:21:03 PM »

The 570m in my laptop get recognized perfectly by the system (10.7)
with Graphics enabler but no ce.

I've seen that my videocard has got also a   (20D9) and
Vendor (17AA) and I was wondering if this may cause some troubles.

"Slice", a very kind person of made me
notice that GraphicsEnabler looks for Subvendor to switch on

I've also seen in Nvidia.c that some cards have comments like these:

{ 0x10DE06D1, "Tesla C2050" },// TODO: sub-device id:

{ 0x10DE06D1, "Tesla C2070" },// TODO: sub-device id:

I wanted to know how to add the subdevice id in the nvidia.c file to
see if that can solve my problem.

Thank You!