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how about .gif(animated) background support in chameleon themes....


!!!  wouldn't it be nice if we have a matrix code  scrolling in the background  !!!   :o :o :o :o :o

That would be an interesting concept if it could be done, but should it be done? How long do you leave your computer at the boot loader screen? Would you sit and watch it?

ps. why use such large text for your post?

hmmmm......if it can be done, i guess i wud sit and watch ;D ;D ;D

:-sry for the big font

anyway.. i just thought, like all other softs. get better in terms of utility and looks simultaneously,
.gif support wud make chameleon's look more appealing.........though the feature won't render any useful service....

Well i like the personalisation about it, Working on this Marvel themed Mackintosh atm an animation option would be sweet
Like the attached Marvel Logo stamp hehe, i'm all about theming and, well, the completer the better my end result hehe.

However, i do believe, focus should still go towards improvement rather than candy.

Regards Q


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