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Voodoo HDA-0.2.2 beta
« on: April 23, 2009, 07:07:39 AM »

A preference pane has been added, you are able to control your mixer settings (The mixer devices you had in input/output preferences with version 0.2.1) there.
To be able to use this modifications:

    * Install and load new VoodooHDA.kext.
    * Double-click the shipped VoodooHDA.prefPane to install it.
    * Adjust the mixer devices as it suits for you and close the preference pane to save the settings.
    * Add voodoohdahelper tool to Login Items (Users preferenence pane; Tab "Login Items") to let it reload your settings after reboot.
    * To get your codec dump use the shipped voodoohdahelper tool with -dump flag (./voodoohdahelper -dump)


Note that this driver is still in experimental stage, so for testing and bug reporting only.
Use the shipped getdump tool to post your Codec dump for bug reporting. (Be sure to have VoodooHDA loaded when executing this tool)

Download VoodooHDA:


0.2.2 (4/14/09):

  * mute controls implemented
  * seperate left/right audio level controls implemented
  * showing just one device for each input/output in Sound preference pane

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