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Rotate boot screen option?


Would it possible to add a standard option to rotate the boot screen in Chameleon?

There are a some of us that rotate our displays 90 degrees into portrait for desk top publishing or document management.  OSX handles this, but Chameleon does not currently.

It would hopefully be an easy add and sure would make boot a bit less ugly on our systems.


Hi MartysMind

It's great to hear of new ideas and requests, thought please don't feel despondent if this never sees the light of day.

The way I see it is it may be possible but to be honest I'm not sure it will ever register as a priority for the devs, and besides, there is a file size limit for the stage 2 code so any new features / changes need to be carefully considered.

Whether or not it this request ever becomes considered would be down to..
A) Is this a feature that's essential?   No
B) Would this feature benefit the masses?   No
C) Does anybody has the time to implement it?    Not sure
D) Are there other things to work on before doing this?  Most definitely

Having said all that, who knows - maybe your idea will make it's way in one day...  :P

Note: I've removed your other post as there's no need to spam your question.



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