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Nvidia Quadro 4000 MAC isn't working as PC version!



I tried lots of method to activating the displayPort. I bought the MAC version of the card, I don't sell it, and I don't bring back.
I don't believe it we can't to do the working. I wrote to Apple, Nvidia for new driver. I wrote for PNY, and they helped me, because
they sent 2 new adapters. DP to DVI and DP to VGA. All of are working under Windows 7, but under Lion I have only DVI output.
I changed some hex information in GeForceGLDriver.bundle and I have OpenCL 1.1

I tried:
GraphicsEnabler - Simple good solution
EFI Strings - I don't know the string of DisplayPort
((I used the old OSX86Tools to making EFI strings (1.0.150))
NVEnabler 64.kext - OSX didn't boot up
PC / MAC ROM injected - I saved it with NVflash.exe, I tried them nothing happened.

I installed on other HDD Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and Nvidia Retail_256.02.25f1v1.dmg.
Now I see 2 display output, but only the DVI is working.
I tried all under Snow then before under Lion, nothing happened.
Why can I see more output?
I think the problem is I have MAC version of the card, and the Chameleon GraphicsEnabler recognize my card as PC version!?
Please change it in the next boot loader or somebody help me to make good EFI string.
I attached screen shoots from "About This MAC"


I have solved the problem:


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