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The VoodooPS2Controller is a replacement for the ApplePS2 or other derivative patched ps2 controller kexts. It is a plug in replacement that will not be overwritten by any system update since it uses it's own kexts and not modified Apple ones.

New Features for the VoodooPS2 Controller

* No need for ACPIPS2Nub. Delete it before installing this or you’ll get a kernel panic
* Loadable from /Extra/Extensions.mkext
* 102-key keyboard support
* Support for mixed usb/ps2 configurations
* Resolution fix for PS2mouse (set ForceDefaultResolution to true in Contents/Plugins/VoodooPS2Mouse.kext/Info.plist to activate)
* Support for scrolling on ALPS (untested)
* Support for Sentelic touchpad (untested)
* Advanced Synaptics touchpad. All kinds of scrolling known to humanity including multi-finger and side scrolling

Just install as any kext with kexthelper or add it to /Extra/Extensions.mkext

Many features may be controlled using Apples Preference Pane
For more configuration you may want to have a look at
and at IOKitPersonalities/Synaptics Touchpad/Configuration node.
The same settings are also available through dedicated panel (optional)

Package: kalyway
VoodooPS2Controller (core): turbo
Resolution fix for PS2Mouse: mackerintel
Synaptics driver: mackerintel
Sentelic Driver: nhand42
Alps driver: phb
Keyboard fixes: Chunnan & jape
Synaptics Prefpane design: bumby
Synpatics Prefpane: mackerintel

Great thanks to Dense for helping with activating vanilla trackpad prefpane


Note: User nicchettOSX has aksed to mention that this is only for 32-bit systems.
I have not looked in this so this needs to be verified.


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