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The screen resolution that Chameleon will use is dependent on what resolutions it can find with your hardware when it runs. It will probably be 1024x576 but you can check by pressing down arrow when you get you see the device selection screen in Chameleon, then selecting video options from the menu that will appear. If 1024x576 is in the list then hopefully that is what it's using.

If you now know your resolutions you can proceed with resizing.

I tried using this method for resizing a particular theme ("Hackintosh 2" to be exact). The theme came as 1920x1200x32. I need it to be resized to 1680x1050. So I took all the files mentioned in this tutorial and resized them to that size using iResizer. That process went well and I even double checked the images to make sure they were resized.

I slapped them into the Hackintosh 2 theme folder to replace the original files, changed the theme's plist to reflect the changes:

<string>1200</string> (changed to 1050)
<string>1920</string> (changed to 1680)

and then rebooted. The result was that the theme was quite a bit smaller than my screen.

So then..I figured that maybe I there was something I was missing. I wnet and looked at the plist again...and at the bottom of the script there was another place to change the resolution


So I changed those numbers to correspond to my desired resolution as well (1680x1050). Rebooted and no go.

Doing some experimentation I realized that no matter what I changed those numbers had no effect on the size of the theme. monitor is hooked directly up to my video adapter.

I searched like crazy trying to find an article to help me figure out what resolution Chameleon was using for the boot menu screen but no luck. I seen where you mentioned that by pressing down arrow when you get to boot screen a device selection screen in Chameleon should apprear. Well it does, and it gives me a long list of resolutions but it doesn't appear to give me any choice to select a resolution, nor does it look like it have selected a default one.

So I got a hold of a small program called "Lizard" that allows you to set Chameleon options with resolution being one of them. So I tried everyone of them...and still no success.

Basically i tried every resizing option I could think of and every combination of screen resolution and plist settings...and nothing would work. Or it would change things but not to what I wanted.It just kept getting more and more confusing as I went.

So I just ended up putting everything back to default and reinstalling the theme as I downloaded it. I went back into Lizard..set the damn screen resolution for Chameleon to back to 1920x1200x32 (which by the way is a screen resolution under MacOS that reports to me saying "Input Not Supported" but works fine during Chameleons boot menu...go figure). I did some resizing until the only thing I could do is change the "background.png" to 1600x1200. That finally worked or at least centered the background image . The icons are still their original size...which doesn't look bad.

I starting to think that the plist that came with this theme isn't written right or something. I have not yet downloaded any other themes to compare it to.

Is there anything in what I've explained that looks as if I didn't do it right?

This should be just a matter of resizing the images and changing the resolution size in the theme.plist right?

Where the heck can you easily find out what resolution Chameleon is using? I checked under the video info menu...but all that shows is a long list of resolutions but no to indicate you can select anything.

Hi Macslap

Thanks for the detailed explanation, though unfortunately I have no definite answer for you.

The resolution that Chameleon ultimately uses is dependent on what it detects from your hardware and all we can do is suggest what it uses with the screen_height and screen_width key/strings in the theme.plist. From what you have said, you have resized the theme correctly. The boot_height & boot width key strings won't have any effect for your theme.

Selecting the Video Info option from the menu that appears when you press down arrow displays the list of resolutions that Chameleon can find with your hardware. You can't select anything from it, it just serves as a reference to know what's available.

My display uses a native resolution of 1680x1050 but when I used to have it connected with a VGA-DVI converter, 1280x1024 was the largest resolution that appeared in the Video Info resolution list. Therefore, if I tried using a 1680x1050 theme it would be displayed incorrectly. Only when I connected it using DVI-DVI did 1680x1050 appear in the list. Now I know you have said you already use DVI-DVI but I am just highlighting the fact that Chameleon will default to the largest resolution it can find in the list.

But when I had the problem originally I also wanted to know what resolution was being used and devised the following rudimentary test. I resorted to creating a few backgrounds at different sizes, each showing a square, some keylines and markers for the edge of screen. Then I dropped one background in to the themes folder an rebooted to see if it drew that particular background in the correct position and to see if the square was stretched or not. By repeating this with various sized backgrounds I was able to identify what it was using. Not very scientific but it worked.

Is there anyway to resize a 1920x1200 size theme to 1024x768? When I tried to resize a theme to 1024x768 from 1920x1200, the icons look crushed. This most likely has to do with going from widescreen to 4:3.


--- Quote from: Evildemon989 on January 31, 2010, 09:39:51 PM ---Is there anyway to resize a 1920x1200 size theme to 1024x768? When I tried to resize a theme to 1024x768 from 1920x1200, the icons look crushed. This most likely has to do with going from widescreen to 4:3.

--- End quote ---
Hi Evildemon989

Because of the different screen ratio, as you have already worked out, the only way to resize a theme is to maybe resize individual elements differently, for instance reduce the device icons by an equal percentage, but make them small enough to fit. It might not be ideal, but short of opening the graphic files in an image editor and manually scaling them etc. it might be your only way.

The ideal solution is for the theme designer to supply the theme in different ratios, like I have with my Big_screen_MkII theme, but it does require a fair bit of extra work to do and I haven't do it for all of my themes.

Have a go and if you get really stuck, post a request for help in that particular theme's thread and hopefully the theme's designer will respond for you :)


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