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Large background image causing Memory Allocation Error


Having moved to a 2650x1440 resolution screen, I naturally set Chameleon to its native res and set a lovely fullscreen wallpaper.

Upon rebooting I was presented with this (and an unbootable system):

The file I used was 4.2MB in size. I tried resizing it down bit by bit until it became apparent that the largest filesize that can be used without that error is around 3.8MB.

In the end I had to save it as an 8-bit PNG in Photoshop which gave a 3.2MB file and a working bootloader.

It's not that big a deal right now as I'm using a monochrome background and frankly I can't see 2560x1440 becoming a common resolution any time soon, but it would be nice to be able to use full colour, native resolution backgrounds in the future.

So very interesting to ask when will be full support of HD3000 graphic card in chameleon???

Wrong topic mate.

Any word on the picopng filesize limitation?


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