Author Topic: 2 windows 7 on the same drive boot problem  (Read 2706 times)

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2 windows 7 on the same drive boot problem
« on: April 23, 2009, 08:31:24 PM »
Hi everyone ;),

So, I installed chameleon and it's working very good (even changed the theme and all that stuff) but there is 1 problem. I have 3 HDD:

1st drive has only one partition: Macintosh
2nd drive has also only one partition: Time Machine
My 3rd drive is NTFS and has 2 partitions: Windows 7 (build 7000) and 7077 (Windows 7 build 7077)

When Chameleon comes up, I have the option between Windows 7 and 7077, but when I choose on 7077, a screen comes with the message:

"BOOTMGR is missing, click ctrl+alt+del to reboot".

When I choose on windows 7, I first get the Windows Boot manager, in which I have the option to choose between 7000 or 7077.

Can I boot directly to 7077 from Chameleon AND can i remove the Windows Boot manager screen (with EasyBCD?)


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Re: 2 windows 7 on the same drive boot problem
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2009, 09:57:39 PM »
You need to flag your "windows 7" partition as active. You can do that with the gparted live cd. Just google it, download, burn to cd and boot from cd.

This will make your system boot into the win7 bootloader. When you're back in windows, you can repair the windows bootloader through the command line (google bcdedit) or maybe a tool like EasyBCD will work on win7. Just set your 7077 as default and the time-out to zero. This will get rid of the windows bootloader and boot into your 7077 install. Finally reinstall the chameleon bootloader and everything should work.


I installed win7 x64 7100 and it makes a new 100mb partition with the bootloader on it. If you have the same situation, then mark that partition as active.
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