Author Topic: What happens when you use a custom ATI Rom  (Read 2814 times)

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What happens when you use a custom ATI Rom
« on: April 29, 2012, 06:15:03 PM »
I've managed to get a semi-working osx86 install on my HP Elitebook 8560W. I have a model that has only one graphics card, an AMD Firepro M5950. It uses the same GPU as the AMD Radeon HD 6770M.
The only reason i'm trying to get a working hackintosh is because i'm developing iPhone apps in my free time, and my old macmini can't run Lion, which is needed for the new versions of Xcode and thus the new versions of the iPhone sdk. Thus, not everything has to work perfectly for me, but using some more screen real estate would be welcome.

The only thing i don't have working properly yet is my graphics card, as i only have the default resolution of 1280x1024. I saw an option of 'use ATI Rom' in champlist, but i didn't dare touch it yet; If i understood it right, it will inject a custom rom during boot. However, this laptop is also used for both windows and linux; Will this option screw with them?
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Re: What happens when you use a custom ATI Rom
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2012, 05:55:04 PM »
It loads and injects a custom ROM that you provide. Activating that option without having a correctly named ATI BIOS ROM in /Extra will do nothing except throw an error message during boot.

It does not alter the characteristics or specifications of your video card in any way and con not possibly affect other operating systems.
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