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OS selection with Power button


Hello everyone,

In my particular case I use a bluetooth keyboard to control my hackint0sh.
Up until now I had only one OS installed on the machine so it wasn't really a problem no being able to select other OS.

More recently, I look myself connecting a USB keyboard too often only to be able to select a different OS.

My question is?
Would it be possible to use power button to select booting OS ?
Where should I look into to find the power button detection ?

Thanks a lot

Since the chameleon should "emulate" apple's bootloader, the real question should be, will it possible to use bluetooth devices with chameleon at boot...

Gringo Vermelho:
Chameleon is not an operating system, it can't load drivers and drive devices. And it does not "emulate Apple's boot loader".

If your PCs BIOS has support for bluetooth keyboards it should work in Chameleon I guess?
Can you use your BT keyboard during POST, to access and configure BIOS settings?


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