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How to create Chameleon PKG installer


I downloaded the Chameleon SVN source using Terminal. I want to use the official trunk to create an installer. I found I tried running it in Terminal, but it just says Too few arguments. Aborting...
How do you get the script to run?


--- Code: ---make pkg
--- End code ---

I'm sorry I haven't replied earlier. I don't get how I am supposed to use that command. I drag the file to terminal, then type build pkg and hit enter, but it still gives me the same error.

Gringo Vermelho:
Not build, make.

I have never built the installer myself (i usually run the xcode project to compile and then install Chameleon manually) but I think you need XCode command line tools installed? Not sure.
If you have the App Store version of Xcode it does not come with these included but you can download additional components from somewhere in one of the menus.

Ohh, OK. I'll download the command line tools for XCode.


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