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Can an Emergency Bootable USB Chameleon Stick be Created?


My apologies in advance if this has already been discussed elsewhere, but I have searched here and over at IM, as well as conducted Google search after Google search, all without success.

I am looking to create a Chameleon USB stick for my hackintosh. I am not interested in creating a OSX 10.7 installation USB bootstick. Is it possible to successfully install chameleon to a USB stick/drive and make it bootable? If so, how?

My goal is to to have it handy when and if something else like OSX 10.7.4 leaves me hanging out to dry, as I had to backup from another hard drive to get OSX 10.7.3 working again on my pc. Thankfully I did indeed have a backup partition on another harddrive and using Carbon Copy Cloner, I was able to clone it back to my main hard drive, but I had to locate an old Nawcom CD to boot into my backup partition, as 10.7.4 corrupted chameleon, and I could not boot into any of my partitions.

I look forward to any help that can be provided toward this goal.

Gringo Vermelho:
If it helps, pretend that the USB stick is a hard drive and install Chameleon on it as you normally would.

Other than installing Chameleon manually, which is the best way to learn what's required, you could try:

Chameleon package installer (Latest version to the bottom of this post).
Run the installer, point it to a freshly formatted USB stick while leaving the installer with the default settings. After it's finished, just add your /Extra folder and you're done.

Conti's excellent myHack. Link
Run the app, select 'Install Chameleon', and choose your freshly formatted USB stick. After it's finished, just add your /Extra folder and you're done.

Gringo Vermelho and Blackosx:

Thank you for your suggestions, and I can only wait for the time that I will be able to try out your suggestions (slacking off from work at the moment, and workload and schedule are really chaotic these days).

Out of curiosity (before I will be able to test both of your recommendations), will I need to modify the org.chameleon.Boot.plist file to insert a string/key set identifying the location of my /Extra folder in my USB volume, as well as identifying the location of say my smbios.plist and dsdt (and any other) files?

If you add the Extra folder that you're currently using to boot your system to the root of the USB flash drive then you shouldn't need to change anything. The Chameleon files; stage0 (e.g. boot0) , stage1 (eg. boot1h), stage2 (e.g. boot) will run from the USB and load the Extra folder same as it does when booting from hard drive - as Gringo said.


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