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ALPS working trackpad in Snow Leopard

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i don't believe an svn has been set up  :'( , i really hope you and the voodooteam get it sorted out, seems like every other laptop except the 1420 has had scrolling support in osx86 for the longest time already. As for the kext that you posted, been having problems with the installer package from voodoo, did a system restore will try again a bit later.

Tested the kext on an vostro 1400. Both horizontal and vertical scrolling work well. (remember to enable scrolling in the trackpad pref pane(not the voodoo one!).

Its a great achievement as this trackpad could never scroll at all before so a big thank you to you and, of course, the voodoo team for the original kext.

The only problem is that it will cause a K.P occasionally on boot up (at same place as when the original voodoo kext so i dont think it is because of your modifications ).

Usually a verbose boot will succeed.

So i reinstalled the vanilla ACPI from 10.5.5 got the kext to load after kernel panic, i figured out on my 1420 at least that the panic was related to multiple cores, so i disabled 1 core and the OS loaded, once inside OS X i tried to move the trackpad however, it was rather unuseable I couldnt left click or right click even with USB mouse, and if I touched the trackpad the pointer would jump erratically. Sigh the wait continues.

The same happened to me. I cannot load the kext at boot (KP). If VoodooPS2Mouse is inside VoodooPS2Controller.kext, then it doesn't loads or something happens. But if VoodooPS2Keyboard is the only plugin, and, after boot, i manually load this kext, it works.

This kext works only with ALPS touchpad. I've managed to find why it panics. The kext works for three kinds of touchpad. I don't know how it probes them and loads the correct one, so I removed support for the other two kinds of touchpad. It only supports ALPS, but it works great! (at least for me).


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