Author Topic: Chimera/Chameleon Fat32 boot problem  (Read 1919 times)

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Chimera/Chameleon Fat32 boot problem
« on: June 28, 2012, 02:55:09 PM »

My English is like it is :D

I'm doing a triple-boot thumb drive with my own build of Windows 7, Xubuntu 12.10 and Mac OS 10.7.3. This drive suppose to work on PC and Apple Macintosh.

Already done:
  • EFI-boot Windows 7 installer
  • EFI-boot Xubuntu 12.10 fully working Live with installer build in
  • EFI-boot Mac OS 10.7.3 Installer

  • Booting Mac OS installer via Chameleon/Chimera.

The problem is, Xubuntu and Windows 7 needs to be placed on Fat32 partitions, for EFI-booting on Macintosh (as far I know, Mac can only boot .efi files placed on fat32 or hfs partitions). And.. those partitions are invisible in chimera/chameleon boot menu.
Problem doesn't exist, when thumb drive is formatted in GPT schema, but it's impossible to boot windows 7 or xubuntu installers from gpt formatted drive (can't find root device - both).

I have already tried Hybrid GPT; MBR with 0xEE EFI partition; and few other things. Now I'm testing Clover bootloader, but it doesn't boot my fat32 partitions (there are visible in Clover).

So the question is: Is it possible to show up Fat32 partitions in chimera/chameleon, on MBR formatted drive?