Author Topic: on USB=instant reboot, Chameleon on EFI problem  (Read 3194 times)

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Dell XPS410
1st HDD - GUID - Mac OS X
2nd HDD - GUID - Time Machine
Chameleon2 installed on USB flash
if i put  in Extra folder i get instant reboot before chameleon boot menu. it boots fine w/o boot.plist

everything works if i boot from another flash drive w/o boot.plist and then replace it with flash drive containing while in Chameleon boot menu. i need it because of EFI strings for gfx and to fix uuid error which enables me to use TimeMachine.

another problem is if i install Chameleon on EFI partition i get boot1 error. tried to install it while all partitions were unmounted but no go. tried to install it manually but the result was the same