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A Simple Fix for Case-Sensitive FS


Before compiling on a case-sensitive fs, I must enter these commands.

cd i386/modules/
ln -s AcpiCodec ACPICodec
ln -s AcpiCodec ACPIcodec
ln -s Sata sata
cd -

In the latest revisions, it seems that most of the case-sensitive issues are solved, except for just one:

--- Code: ---Index: i386/modules/Cconfig
--- i386/modules/Cconfig (revision 2121)
+++ i386/modules/Cconfig (working copy)
@@ -9,6 +9,6 @@
 source "i386/modules/HelloWorld/Cconfig"
 source "i386/modules/Sata/Cconfig"
 source "i386/modules/Keylayout/Cconfig"
-source "i386/modules/ACPIcodec/Cconfig"
+source "i386/modules/AcpiCodec/Cconfig"
 source "i386/modules/KernelPatcher/Cconfig"

--- End code ---


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