Author Topic: Chameleon 2.0 as a boot132 replacement for retail install  (Read 4013 times)

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Chameleon 2.0 as a boot132 replacement for retail install
« on: May 14, 2009, 04:55:31 AM »
I've tried the cdboot method and able to boot Chameleon 2.0RC1 from CD fine.

I can't use this as a boot-132 replacement though as you can not eject the CD once it's booted in order to put in retail dvd.  Yea, I know, not meant to be a traditional boot-132 install replacement hence this request.

Much of the new features such as Chameleon 1.x dsdt patch couldn't be implemented in boot-132 due to the size limit that chemelon 2.0 has addressed. 

Currently I'm having to do BIOS mods to fix CPU Alias and PM since I can use a DSDT file.

To avoid the BIOS mods (which should be frowned on for simple dsdt fixes) it would ultimately be best to either:

a)  Have a specific boot-132 with the DSDT patch (still needs the size fix).
b)  Use Chameleon 2.0 as a boot-132 replacement altogether allowing you to eject the boot cd (have a boot-132 mode?).

Thought "b" would be a better all around solution.

Workarounds for now could be restoring the retail DVD to another drive and booting that via Chameleon 2.0 cd but that isn't a universal solution for those without another hack/mac.

Or am I just missing something simple here?
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