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Boots EFI partition (HFS+) even if it's not the active partition


This may be by design, but I would like to express that I did not at all expect this behavior.

I only learnt it after wasting half a day trying to find out why it makes a difference whether I boot from my boot volume on drive one or an IDENTICAL boot volume on drive two.

It turned out that it did not boot from the boot volume, but rather from the EFI partition, which I had prepared earlier. The EFI partition was not active, hence I would have expected Chameleon to boot from the active boot volume.

Here's therefore also a hint for others to avoid wasting as much time as I did: Copy the theme "Default", open the file "logo.png" in Photoshop and put some unique name for the corresponding boot volume where you install this theme. You can then select the theme in Boot plist by adding a key "Theme" with value equal to the name of the copied Default theme.

Thus, you always know where you are booting from.



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