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Large hard drive support
« on: May 16, 2009, 02:17:46 PM »

I have a 6TB RAID array, with a hardware RAID controller, a GPT partition table and a single HFS+ partition.

A couple of days ago I upgraded my installation to 10.5.7, and a lots of problems began.
At first, it would reboot before even loading the kernel. Then I managed to fix it somehow, but it failed to load the kernel extensions.
Then I tried to install some other boot loaders, and they all failed to load (giving "boot1" errors).

After a lot of experiments, I figured out the boot files (/boot, /mach_kernel, /Extra/*, Kernel Extensions) were physically located quite far from the beginning of the partition (about 3TB or more from the start).
Then I partially defragmented my hard drive with iDefrag, using iDefrag class sets to order the boot files at the beginning of the partition, and I could finally boot.

My guess is that Chameleon uses 32-bit sector offsets, resulting in a 2TB limit for file addresses.
It would be really nice if this could be fixed.

Thank you.