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Boot from original (FAT) EFI partition


Here's my dream of what I can imagine as the ideal Chameleon boot loader:

1. Allow booting from a FAT formatted EFI partition, i.e. a partition as required by the EFI standard and as is available on every GPT-formatted drive.

2. Allow putting Chameleon's files into a sub directory of "EFI", e.g. "EFI/Chameleon".

3. Once it is clear which partition to boot from (the user has selected one, or from boot.plist), look for a sub-directory of "EFI/Chameleon/<UUID>", i.e. one that bears the UUID of the selected partition as its name. If so, files in there such as boot.plist, DSDT.aml, smbios.plist, and also Extensions.mkext or Extensions subdirectory will OVERRIDE the item in "EFI/Chameleon".

Regarding 1: This feature is part of the second feature set blog post by zef:

--- Quote ---EFI system partition booting support.

This is the method what Munky and Turbo introduced first. You can put your boot loader along with all /Extra stuff to this partition then can safely boot your untouched vanilla install. We have a new experimental FAT32 filesystem support with long file names.

--- End quote ---


P.S. This is partly inspired by Bladerunner's bug report "Problem booting different version of Leopard using Chameleon V2 RC1",3.0.html.

Lord Anubis:
First I would like to say that Chameleon is great. Thank you guys.

Actualy, I did read this also and then I did go for Chameleon. Maybe it comes later? Or is the FAT partition of 200Mb hidden for the Chameleon installer? If so maybe the chameleon Installer should show this partition.

Using the installer with the Chameleon EFI HFS reformat choice it did use the wrong drive. And not complete.

Lord Anubis


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