Author Topic: Advent 4211 (MSI Wind rebadge) / Synaptics touchpad / two finger scroll issues  (Read 3859 times)

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I have got the two finger scrolling working - sort of - and was wondering if there are any other settings I can tweak to make it better.

(I am primarily talking about vertical scrolling here)

If I put two fingers on the pad, i.e. index finger and "screw you" finger, and drag down with the two fingers next to each other, nothing happens.

If I put two fingers one above the other and drag, it works - but clearly this is a completely unnatural position for your fingers to be in!

I've tweaked some of the settings e.g. "finger width limit" and I can get it to work if I have the two fingers placed on the pad at a diagonal sort of angle and drag this diagonal from corner to corner, which is a little more natural if not entirely like a "real" Mac, but I was hoping for better. It's almost as it's able to more readily determine two fingers separated along the Y axis whereas the X axis doesn't work as well.

Does anyone have any suggestions - settings that could be changed, etc - to improve the performance?


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Just to let you know that the problem is real, I can reproduce the same behaviour on my Advent...


Advent 4211b running MSIWindOSX86 (10.5.6) / VoodooPS2Controler / VoodooHDA / VoodooBattery.