Author Topic: Help - Need a how to on Uninstalling VoodooPS2Controller-0.98-installer.pkg  (Read 5186 times)

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I did not have to remove:

Since on my installation distro I do not have them in my system.. so I was like good... since I don't have them, I might as well install the voodoo to test it out ....  installed / repaired permissions / rebooted

Well upon reboot... -v   first time I've ever seen yellow text, all referring to PS2 not recognized etc... bunch of errors related to it...  and many repeated letters scrolling side ways *KP

So rebooted...   with -f & -v  same thing

By the 5th Reboot with it..  finally I managed to log in to my OSX..so right now I'm in it...

Can someone help me Uninstall the package properly? I only backed up my original AppleACPIPlatform.kext

I'm currently on 10.5.7  & do have backup at an external HD my System.kext, Extensions Folder & SystemConfigurations Folder from 10.5.5 (from where I started my Installed OS X)

If I didn't have all the KP's I would keep it :(

Yes I do have scrolling & etc.. but honestly I do not like it..  its pretty slow even when I have all seted up as MAX speed...  also F12 Eject doesn't work anymore a well ... so plzz help me out Removing this & having my touchpad as before.

Thank You, by the way its an Awesome project what you guys have done KEEP IT UP!!!