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Chameleon and triple boot questions
« on: June 20, 2009, 06:06:41 PM »
I admit first off I am obviously missing something very fundamental regarding my setup with chameleon 2.0
I do apologize and I have been searching and printing and reading the first 3 pages or so on this forum but I am still having a hard time.

I have (3) separate disks
1. Os X 10.5.7 (Main Os)
2. Windows 7
3. Os X 10.5.7 Clone of main HDD

Until now I have been using number 1 as my main Os for a bit and love it but thought I should have a backup in case I foul it up.  I was also simply changing drive order between Os X (Main) and Windows 7 to get them to boot, np there at all because Os X was my main and booted straight in and I rarely use Windows anymore at all anyway.

So I decided to clone the drive and install Chameleon on an extra drive that used to have another Os X on it. Cloned perfect and I "thought" I installed Chameleon on it but it won't boot.  So I do some searching around (I am new to this hackintosh stuff but am decent with computers) and I use rd=disk2s2 and sure enough it boots into my clone perfectly... Soooo, I used iPC 10.5.6 and updated through Apple update no problem with vanilla Kernel.  I have an e6750 on a P35-DS3R and everything but sleep works.

Am I right in guessing that Chamleon is already installed on the "Main" 10.5.7 Leopard?  And I must have clicked it during install?  I have no GUI just a prompt.  But unplugging my "Main" Leopard and booting (Or trying to)the Cloned version that I thought I installed Chameleon installed on just does nothing...that means that it is not properly installed on that drive/ Leopard ya?

I thought I followed the instructions to the letter when dealing with Chameleon and clones but I GUESS NOT HUH?

When I get home ( I know a lot more now that I found this site)I will check for the /extras on both drives. And I will look more carefully at my logs because I do get the duplicates flash by duriing boot and didn't know what that was.  I haven't seen that when using rd=disk2s2 but I also wasn't looking. BTW if the main was cloned and it had Chameleon would that be cloned too if it was on the Leopard?  Well I guess not in hindsight.

My concern is that if something happens to this main 10.5.7 the other backup will not boot because I need that drive to boot it now...

Again I will continue to search at home and here but if someone sees soeth9ing REALLY obvious I am meeing up please throw something at me.


EDIT: Almost forgot 10.5.7 Main is GUID, Windows 7 is MBR and The CLONE is GUID also.  I also could care less about getting Windows 7 to fit into this picture as I don't really use it.  In fact it is only here so I am being complete about my setup.
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Re: Chameleon and triple boot questions
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2009, 06:44:29 PM »
Let's be clear on this first:
With disks you really mean physical drives, i.e. you have three drives, two of them with OS X, one with Windows?

And one bug to know about:
Chameleon 2.0 RC1 offers you to boot from any drive and its partitions it can find. However, if you try to boot Windows on a different drive than where Chameleon was started from, it won't work. But let's not worry a about Windows here.

So, assuming you have two drives with OS X each, you can check if Chameleon (i.e. a boot loader) is installed on them by telling your BIOS to boot from it. If it doesn't boot, it has no boot loader on it. Also, the volume will have a file called "boot" in its root dir.

Next, should Chameleon load, it will either show you a graphical or a textual message (and it will show its own name or icon so you know it's Chameleon), counting down to let you know it's about to start up some pre-chosen OS. If you press a key, you get a list of partitions you can boot from.

And if you get to that list of choices, BOTH your OS X systems should be offered to boot, provided they're both connected.

Hence, if you have Chameleon on either of your disks, you should be able to boot either OS X volume from them.

Once you are running OS X, launch the ".pkg" version of Chameleon to let it install itself on the active OS X volume, and maybe add other extensions to its Extra folder then as directed in other posts or guides.

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Re: Chameleon and triple boot questions
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2009, 07:11:48 PM »
Thanks much  Tempolo, This is something I am not familiar with and felt kinda dumb even after reading all I did...

Ok Yes I have 3 Physical drives and when I get home I will delve more deeply into this.  I will check everything you wrote against my system (I am at work and then have to go to my INLAWS :-( ) I will have a lot more info and maybe SS's of both boots.

I am also going to leave Windows out since I can just select it through changing boot order.

Thanks Tempolo Ill get back with more.


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Re: Chameleon and triple boot questions
« Reply #3 on: June 20, 2009, 09:03:16 PM »
OK I got it, thanks to Tempolo.  After reviewing what you wrote, I snuck home to check it out and it seems that it just never installed in the right spot for me at all.  I checked a -v and the extra folder kexts that do load on my main osx werent loading/ not the same as the main and it probably should have been.

I had another .pkg with EFIv9/Chameleon, installed that, turned off the main osx drive (hot swap bay) and it booted right in.  I am still confused about why the original didn't work but when I get back home again I'll investigate it.  Maybe it simply installed in the wrong place...i dunno.  Thanks for the help.