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Making the Grey Screen Black?

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i wanted to do some iPhone inspired theme. and since the iPhone has a chrome on black bootsceen, i'd like to do that too.
does anybody know, if i can change the grey background to black?

No, I don't think so, the theme.plist has a Key named boot_bgcolor but this doesn't have any effect for me. Maybe it can be done with a hack, but I don't think it would be necessary. An iPhone theme sounds great, regardless of the final grey screen.

hm, i've another idea.
why not make the "boot.png" so big, that if fits the whole screen.
would need an individual file for each resolution.

or is the resolution of the boot.png limited in dimensions?

yes, that works

well, it did work, the whole screen is now black, with a chrome apple in the middle.
looks damn hot.
i'm working on the iphone interface now.

still wondering how i can design that.
if i should make to booticons like the "genre, artist, playlist" tapbar in the iPod application, or if i should do the icons like the normal icons from the springboard and making a "finger" as hover graphic.

anyway, i'm sure its going to look nice ;)


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