Author Topic: Booting in verbose mode: sleep/awake and kernel panic connecting USB devices  (Read 1438 times)

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I'm the lucky owner of a Mac Pro 1,1 (bought in 2006, I upgraded it with 2 Intel Xeon x5355 processors and now it is a 2,1) and user of Chameleon, in order to have the kernel running at 64 bit and to enjoy Mountain Lion.
Everything is working like a charm, apart the problem that happens when, after putting my Mac to sleep and awakening it, I connect a USB device.
In fact, if I boot Chameleon in normal mode, after awakening and connecting a USB device I experience a kernel panic, but if I boot in verbose mode the problem disappears (except in very rare circumstances).
I'm enclosing both the last message from Console (even if I can't see any crash log) and some information related to the kernel panic from Chameleon I can read on the monitor itself, with a real photo of it.
I am sure that Chameleon is a very interesting and genial project, but unfortunately at the moment I don't have the time to study it.
What happens when you boot in verbose mode?
I would prefer to boot in normal mode, because verbose mode is rather intimidating, with those hundreds of lines of commands during the bootup process.

Can someone help?
Thank U!  :)
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Finally I solved the problem with a clean installation of the system!   
Now, after 3 weeks, I can cry Victory without the fear that it's too soon.
Anyway it's important that I boot Chameleon with the boot flag -f and using Kernel cache:
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   <key>Kernel Flags</key>
Long live the Mac Pro 1,1!