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PS2 Mouse Problem


Hi, I have found a problem with PS2 mouse on the latest version of chameleon (I think).
I'm afraid I'm no expert and have always found that for me the Chimera 1.11.1 installer works for me.
However I now use Chameleon wizard for a few tweaks and the other day it offered to update the boot loader.
I did that and then lost PS2 mouse, so I loaded PS2 mouse kext and all was well. Or it was until I did a restart from Win8 into Mountain Lion and then lost PS2 mouse, did a restart and it came back.
At the moment I have deleted PS2 mouse kext and reinstalled Chimera 1.11.1 and all is well.
Just thought I'd mention my problem.
I'm sorry I don't know what version it updated to as I just accepted the recommendation from Chameleon wizard.

Gringo Vermelho:
The Chameleon boot loader is in no way responsible for mouse functionality. It's up to you to load the appropriate drivers for your hardware.

Well after downgrading and removing the kext all is working well again, whatever version I upgraded to required an extra kext which wouldn't load after rebooting from Windows 8.
If I use Chameleon wizard to upgrade in the future how can I tell which version it is installing? is this the right place to be asking?

Gringo Vermelho:
The best place to ask about Chameleon Wizard is here:


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