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Strange behaviour with chameleon
« on: April 24, 2013, 10:20:00 AM »

I have a strange behaviour with chameleon.
Since i installed my hackintosh on 10.8.2 i neven succeed to make iMovie working. It crashes at launch every time i tried.
The only way to make it working is to boot with -x option.

Yesterday, i tried GraphicsEnabler=Yes, the strange behaviour is iMovie after boots, and i have the same score with Lex bench, and no other perceptible change in my OS.
I added the option in boot.chameleon plist, tried to launch iMovie => it crashes
I added the option "toto" for chameleon => iMovie worked

I think that chameleon is the problem. Adding a last argument makes my iMovie working.
Why ?

(i do not remember my chameleon version, but i took one that includes iMessage Fix)