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hibernation for mountain lion
« on: June 27, 2013, 09:57:10 PM »
hi voodoo folks,

may it be possible, to get a working hibernation for
mountain lion (and maybe the upcoming mavericks)?
(resume from hibernation image - maybe with hibernatemode 3, 25, 27?)

i'm on a 10.8.4 laptop, and hibernatemode 3 works fine unless a
power loss forces it to restore from disk image :/

i found this thread on insanelymac and want to know why exactly...

any developers around here?
do we have to study IOHibernateIO.cpp and the aes decrypt?

// edit
i found some info's of yesteryear:
Auditore here on forge with issue 278 08-2012
mr_w here on voodoo projects with Hibernation "fix" 08-2011
Zidar here on forge with issue 133 07-2011
most files in boot2 are older.
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