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cant get full screen .. help please


hi guys, so im running my custom mac through a 42" 1080p 3dtv via hdmi, when i boot windows 7 i get a full screen experience, when i boot mac, i have a 2" border round the edge of the screen and its pretty annoying, i wanted a full 42" not 38...

anyway, i tried adding the graphics mode key and string to the botloader file, and still nothing, i added

<key>graphics mode</key>

and i still only get this horrid border round the screen.

my rig is

i7 920, 12gb corsair dominator 1066 ddr3, nvidea geforce 9800 gtx+ 512.

can someone please help, this is taking the mick

Gringo Vermelho:
This forum is for discussing the Chameleon boot loader. If you have display problems when running OS X we can't help you here, open a topic on InsanelyMac.

I have the same issue during boot, but it happens while booting Windows as well. My video card has no 1920x1080 VESA mode, so this is expected behavior. Chameleon can't run at 1920x1080 if your video card doesn't expose this resolution in VESA mode.


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