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Yet again inspired by minimal Apple design. This is a pretty flat and minimal stylized theme. It is very white!


•It only works in white, I managed to get it even closer to the original design than any other theme I've done, making little to no aesthetic compromises. I simply took advantage of the straight white background. But because of this, it will look funky if you try to change it to something other than white =P.

•Early release, there are device icons left to do, but I'll do them as they are demanded =P.

•Alternates will naturally come. To do: icons that make use of an OS' logo, for a less stylized result.

•Let me know if anything is wrong. I've decided to keep it simple, fix things as needed, as you suggest them ;-).

Amazing work as usual, Enzo. You make the BEST Chameleon themes!

This is one of the best looking themes I have ever seen. Thanks. Also, I can't get this theme to fit my resolution, because the screen is stretched. Any ideas why?

Great work Enzo with attention to detail as always ;D

Thanks all =).

@ernestasen, is it only stretching this theme? It is likely that your graphics card doesn't support a native VESA resolution. Go to video info in Cham, see if it lists your monitor's native resolution. My card doesn't lol. I don't know if it's still the case that modern cards were trending away from that support. It can be added manually to your card's ROM, but that's a riskier method than I would like to attempt.


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