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[Theme] DarkTower for Widescreens
« on: October 27, 2013, 11:52:22 PM »
This theme has the distorted images to compensate for a widescreen monitor that stretches 4:3 ratio to fit 16:9 ratio.  On my particular monitor the native resolution is 1080p (1920x1080) but the boot screens are 1280x720 with a black border all the way around filling out the rest of the space.  There is absolutely no way for me to remove this big, black border which is why I wanted a boot theme with a black background that would blend seamlessly with it.  Since I was updating this theme after my upgrade to Mavericks, and used info and themes from here to do so, I thought I should contribute the result back.  ;)

The device template PSD file is included so you can add devices yourself.  For 4:3 ratio screens just export as PNG.  For 16:9 ratio export as PNG and do a non-proportional scale with the width of 75% and height of 100%.

There is a flash of gray before the black Boot Splash (with the 64-bit boot “chrome” logo).  If you really, really hate that you have to patch Chameleon to prevent it.  Obviously in order to USE this black boot splash, instead of the default grey one, your boot plist needs "Legacy Logo" set to "No" - enjoy!


Device template and buttons from “Boot Camp for Widescreens” by solarein.
Mavericks drive icon from “Mavs” and Lion drive icon from “LoginToLion” both by Enzo

If you have Windows 8.x instead of Vista or 7 rename the device_ntfs.png file to something else
(such as “device_ntfs_7.png”) and then rename device_ntfs_win8.png to “device_ntfs.png” - because
there is no OS detection for NTFS drives apparently.

Added device images for RAID drives (I don’t personally have any, so I hope these work ok):

Download Link
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Re: [Theme] DarkTower for Widescreens
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Welcome, and thanks for the contribution. =)